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Propolis (native bees wax)

Propolis (native bees wax)

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Propolis is a bee made mixture of resin and bees wax, which bees use to build all aspects of their hive. 

Propolis has many uses, including:

- smearing the inside of a bee box so the bees have some starting blocks for their hive;

- placing at the entrance of the empty bee box for an eduction;

- giving the bees an extra boost when resources are scarce, usually during winter. 

 I'd recommend a minimum of 40g. 

Buying in bulk will save postage and you can store it in the fridge until needed.

Propolis has been mixed with a small amount of honey bee wax, to make it slightly more hard as I've found the bees absolutely love this mixture. 

Propolis is sold in lots of 20g, for example if you would like 40g propolis please order 2x 20g.

This product is not shipped internationally.